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Retained Heat Cooking ... the Wave of the Future Again

 by Leslie Romano


Discover how easy it is to make and use your own off-the-grid cook box to cook uncommonly good food of all kinds. This is a frugal, time honored method of cooking that saves time, space, money, resources, nutrition and electricity. Includes sections on the history and science of retained heat cooking, how to make and use your own cook box, tips and suggestions based upon personal experience, recipes, homeschooling ideas and ten incredible advantages to cooking highly nutritious, perfectly cooked food with the natural, easy to implement retained heat cooking method. Only book of its kind on the market.

50 pages.  $7.99 Special Price and you get a free copy On Your Way Towards Solar Cooking with Purchase



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On Your Way Towards Solar Cooking: The Why's and Wherefore's of Solar Cooking in Brief

Plus Nearly 50 Links to Solar Cooking Information, Reviews, Directions for Building Your Own, Places to Buy Commercial, and Cookbooks From Which to Make It All Happen

by Leslie Romano

Once you discover the significant benefits of cooking in ways other than on an industrially made stove in an electrified kitchen, you just can't stop! Here on the farm, we have become so enamored with retained heat cooking that we are eager to learn more ways to cook alternatively. Become more prepared and more self-sufficient through solar cooking. This e-book will get you started.

10 page e-book. $3.25




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